Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Tomorrow is supposed to be Heather's surgery, but at the last minute we decided to postpone the surgery and go get a second opinion at OHSU. I think we were in denial that this is the route that we wanted to go all along, but the input from friends and family (and strangers, actually) helped us make the decision to call off the surgery and start from scratch at OHSU on Thursday. After an hour this morning, OHSU already had all of our records, had appointments scheduled, and were ready to go! We are happy to know that they are on the ball and ready to get to work. Heather will be the subject of the Thursday morning meeting of "OHSU Brains" to discuss the tumor and the direction that should be taken.
This Thursday afternoon we have an appointment to see an interdisciplinary team including: a medical oncologist, surgical oncologist, geneticist, breast nurse, radiological oncologist, and a fertility specialist. We think this was a good decision and regardless, we can always change our minds and go with the first opinion.

While our first doctors seemed great, they didn't seem to be working together very well. We were getting some conflicting information about the lymph node biopsy, some conflicting information about the genetic testing (which was apparently not sent off correctly and results will not be available for another 2 weeks), as well as surgery issues that were not explained very well. We felt a little blind going into the process and a surgery as important as a mastectomy ( possibly double ) should involve more than a split second decision. Most importantly, we wanted all of our doctors to be on the same page and that didn't seem to be the case.

Regardless, we should have more updates on Thursday regarding the direction this process is headed at OHSU.

Lots of Love,
Heather & Shane


  1. Sending several hugs your way, tons of support and anything else you may need :)


  2. Heather I'm very glad to hear that you opted for a 2nd opinion. to many women get railroaded in by the primary doctor and head off to surgery with out researching all the pros and cons. 20 years ago when I was first diagnoses it all had to be done in the library there was no convenient internet access to check thing out in the comfort of your own home. research was long an tedious. My surgeon at that time was most UNPLEASED that I wanted to research it. Then I told him which procedure he was to do. I'm still happy with the decision that we made at that time. This time around it has already metastasized through out my body so surgery really was not an option.

  3. Second and sometimes 3rd opinions and even going out of state to somewhere that has a better specialist in the field is a very good idea. If we had gone with the first or even second opinion of my doctors who recommended a hysterechtomy, I would not now be enjoying a wonderful day with my beautiful 4 year old son!!! My thoughts and prayers are with you guys! Jenny Collins

  4. Wishing you all the best girl! i love you guys LOTS and so blessed to call you family. You are in our prayers.You are a strong beautiful woman!! muah!

  5. Heather and Shane I'm so happy you are getting another opinion And you really need to have your WHOLE TEAM on board working together . Prayers to you both . Susan