Thursday, July 22, 2010


Surgery is finally scheduled! It looks like the date is set for August 10th. Heather will have an all-day pre-operation appointment on the 9th of August and then go into surgery on the 10th. Heather's mom, Ann Marie, is planning to come down after surgery to help around the house and take care of Heather. There's nothing better than having your mommy around when you are recovering!

Of course, there is a great deal of unknown and fear involved with the removal of Heather's breasts, but the good thing is that the cancer is getting removed with them! This will be the first of two surgeries, as the plastic surgeon will place tissue expanders this time around and then the silicon implants during the next surgery. Too much information? Probably!

The next two weeks we will continue to work and keep things as "normal" as possible before the surgery. Work helps a great deal to keep our minds off of things. We have also continued to spend a great deal of time with friends who have been spectacular about making sure we don't have too much down time to get "low". We love you guys! Thanks for making this journey barable.

Shane & Heather


  1. thanks for keeping us all posted!!! I hope you guys have a great weekend with family on the coast!!!! let us know if we can do anything to help??
    amie and ryan

  2. What a nice post, Shane. You just said it like it is and your thankfulness for good friends is so touching. Love to you both.

    Gary and Marilyn Hulse

  3. Love you guys! Please let me know if i can do anything. Britt

  4. WOW Shane and Heather your love just flows through your words . Prayers going up for you !