Thursday, July 29, 2010

Susan G. Komen, Race for the Cure

I wanted to post something on the blog that asks all of our close friends and family to donate to the Komen Race this year, or to join our team (currently named, Together 4 Heather). The link is here: If you decide to join, we would love to have you. Of course, we understand if you are unable to join at this time or unable to donate.

On our main page for the Komen Race (linked above) we wrote a couple things from the heart, but mostly used the great verbage that was provided by the Komen foundation. I wanted to say a couple more things about this race and why its so important. I've done the Komen race every year since 2007. Its been a great opportunity to get together with friends and do something for "those people" affected by breast cancer. I remember complaining that all of the money goes to breast cancer research and feeling bad that the research was not more evenly spread among the cancers.
I had a reality check when the oncologist at Salem Hospital explained to me about the medicine, herceptin, that I will be taking for a year. She explained that herceptin is a relatively new drug, but is a "miracle drug" for cancer like mine. Then she explained that research for breast cancer is so far ahead of other cancers largely because of the Susan G. Komen foundation and the fundraising that is done. Some of this fundraising is done by people who have never been affected by breast cancer, haven't had family with the disease, or haven't lost a friend. For some reason, people really reach out for this cause, and I'm SO GLAD they do. Because of this race, I will be receiving a relatively new drug that is designed directly for my type of cancer (her2+). Because of people who take a Saturday or Sunday and walk with thousands of others, or take a moment to donate a couple of dollars, I will be directly affected.
If you believe that your efforts, for the Komen walk, or even donations for animal rights agencies, MS, or other community needs aren't making a change: you're so wrong! According to this oncologist, the Susan G Komen walk has changed the world of breast cancer research and sped things up exponentially. Lets keep this walk going and funds being raised so that we can cure this damn cancer!!!!
Much Love,
Heather & Shane

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