Monday, August 9, 2010

08/09/2010 Update

Today's pre-op is finally over. The day consisted of meetings with both surgeons, a visit with the anesthesiologist, bloodwork, and finally an injection of radioactive material into my breast for tomorrow's sentinal node biopsy.

Tomorrow's Surgery is scheduled for 7am. We are supposed to be at OHSU by 6am. The boys are headed to "Aunt Alice's house" for a couple days of playing with their cousins. Shane will be staying at the hospital tomorrow night as Christine, our care nurse, requested a private room with a cot so he can be there with me when I get done with surgery and for the evening.

Shane will be updating the web site from OHSU with news on surgery and recovery. I look forward to getting done and on the road to recovery. Please keep your fingers crossed and prayers coming that the sentinal node biopsy is negative! :-) Thank you everyone for your amazing support and love during this time!

Much love,

Heather & Shane

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  1. Positive thoughts coming your way. God bless both of you. Hope to see you as soon as it's appropriate and convenient for you two.