Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Surgery is Complete

Heather's total surgery is complete and according to the surgeons everything went as planned. I have talked with both Heather's plastic surgeon and primary surgeon, who are both pleased with the results. I have not yet had a chance to see her yet, as she is in the recovery room awaiting to be assigned a room. Hopefully, the room will be a private room so I can remain with her through out the night. It is still unclear on whether she will have to stay one or two nights. Thanks to everyone for the support and kind words! Our friend Alice and Heather's aunt, Carolyn, have been waiting all day, which has made the wait much more enjoyable and helps the time go by. The old man sitting across the room has provided some great entertainment and I won't repeat the absolutely hilarious things he has been saying. OHSU day surgery waiting room is an interesting place to people watch to say the least. Keep you posted.

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