Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Before I start anything else, we want to say thank you SO MUCH to those who provided support, food, time, and energy to us as I have been recovering from Surgery. You have been the force that has kept us moving forward and you are appreciated more than you know!

Recovery from surgery has gone really well. The doctors are impressed with my healing, and i'm mostly pain-free now with the exception of the days following expansion. I stopped taking pain-killers over the weekend and plan to only use them as needed after expansions from this point forward.

Some days are harder mentally than others, but we are keeping our heads up in the knowledge that we will soon get through this and will once again get to focus on our future.

Monday, I will have the port inserted into my chest for chemotherapy. Thursday the 16th I start the chemotherapy process. Shane and I are both concerned about what chemotherapy will bring, but hopeful that it will be easier than expected. Shane is planning to take chemo days off to spend with me in the chemo room. I'm thankful that he is willing to be there to stave off the boredom that likely comes from sitting in a sterile room for 3+ hours. The nurse estimated that our first chemotherapy visit will be close to 5 hours long. Then on the 19th we plan to participate in the Race for the Cure!

While next week will likely be the hardest week yet, i'm hoping that I will be released to go back to work the week of the 20th. Getting back into the swing of things is hard sometimes because I don't feel as though things will ever be the same. Even when i'm sure that all the cancer is gone, i've heard there is still a lingering fear and anticipation. I'm hoping that returning to work and getting back into a routine will help to remind me everyday that I have a long and wonderful life ahead of me cancer-free!

Thank you again to everyone who provided the amazing meals during my recovery!


  1. Heather you are amazing and you will win this challenge. Remember what Forrest Gump said,"Life is a box of Chocolate, you never know what you get", but that box of Chocolate can be amazing. Love Cousin Terri

  2. You're right...things will never be the same again because you and Shane will never be the same. What you have endured and will endure will forever change you both - you'll be stronger than you ever dreamed and closer than you thought was even possible. You're also going to have a story to share to be able to be there for others who are trying to figure out how they will get through it all. You're amazing! Praying for strength & peace as you get through next week! Hugs to you, my friend!!