Wednesday, October 20, 2010


There is no other way to start this week's blog than by saying thank you to the amazing women who came together to get me two amazing wigs this week. I was completely surprised on Friday to find that my friends had come together and put money in to get me something to cover this bald head! I SO appreciate what you have done for me - the wigs are awesome - but nothing compared to you guys! People like you are the reason that I'm going to get through this!! I LOVE YOU ALL.

On that note, this week has been particularly hard overcoming the chemo-drain. While things got off to a pretty OK start, the Beaver's loss on Saturday is what finally sent me over the edge into complete self pity, flu-like symptoms, and overall couch wallowing. It is apparent that the second round of chemo is much worse than the first, which brings me a little bit of fear about what the remaining four chemo cycles might have in store for me. Similar to last round, Tuesday (day 5) was by far my worst day and after throwing up (for the first time) and driving myself home from work I retreated to the couch for yet another day. True to my schedule, I'm starting to feel better as of this morning and even felt well enough to come to work today and get some things done. Goodness knows that there is plenty to do!

In additional to being unfavorable in the sickness department, chemo has also decided to toy with the foods that I love most. So, in honor of my missing taste buds here is my short list of things I currently cannot taste that I wish I could:
Banana Peppers
Sour Patch Kids (how am I supposed to go to the movies)
Cream Cheese
Sour Cream
(basically anything sour or hot)

Things that I cannot stop eating that I wish I could:
Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Ice Cream
Chocolate Fudge
Chocolate Cake Batter

On another (but very related note), I went and re-purchased my noon-time gym membership today with the intention of using it. Since I've gained close to 10lbs from the lovely steroids for chemo, I think its important that I maintain a healthy weight and get my body into cancer-killing mode (not just chocolate cake killing mode). Tomorrow I will plan to arrive at work bright and early with a gym bag on my shoulder! I am still not entirely sure how to work the wig/scarf/sweat/gym conundrum but I'll let you know when I figure it out! I think this is going to work out well because the gym is only 2 blocks from work and gives me the opportunity to workout during times that I can't be with my little family hanging out at home or at the dog park.

Other than that things are wild as usual. We are getting ready for my mom and grandad to come down and go to the Cal game at the end of the month. Guess its time to start cleaning! :-)

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