Friday, February 25, 2011


Today is radiation round #17. That means I only have 10 sessions left after today. Radiation has gone by quickly and pretty painlessly so far (knock on wood). Yesterday I met with my Dr. Henig and she checked my skin. Even though I told her that I did not have any pain, she was concerned with the red patch under my arm. My skin looks like I have been sitting in the sun for hours with no sun block. Dr. Henig provided me with some gel patches that are supposed to pull the heat from the burn and also reduce swelling. After last night’s treatment I used one of the patches and was pleasantly surprised at how soothing it was. I think I’ll continue the patches nightly until I’m finished with treatment!

I am experiencing some fatigue from the treatment, but nothing too severe yet. I think my body is still recovering from chemo, so most nights I spend on the couch watching Dexter and snuggling with Finnegan and Kennedy. The beagle boys are always happy to spend a few hours sleeping on the couch with me. Shane, on the other hand, has not been so lucky and has been working non-stop to finish out this term of classes. Next term will be his last and then he will officially graduate with his MSW. I am not planning on graduating this year, after all. With the upheaval of my life after the diagnosis and my chemo brain I haven’t been able to complete my thesis/project. I will, however, be starting on-campus classes again next term!
Really, I’m excited to get back to living life somewhat normally. I’ll see how normal things can be next month when I start Tamoxifen and probably Lupron shots.

Anyway, my hair has been growing, albeit extremely slowly. They say that a watched pot never boils…I’m pretty sure that my manic tendencies toward watching my hair has caused it not to grow. There are still patches of baldness all around the top, but little “prickles” are sprouting up elsewhere. Hopefully by May I will be able to celebrate my birthday with a new head of hair!

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