Monday, February 14, 2011

A Note about my Valentine

Since the incarnation of Valentine’s Day as a Hallmark holiday, it has been the charge of the husband to make February 14th the day in which they go out of their way to do wonderful things for their spouse that they wouldn’t do any other day of the year. Many husbands send flowers, purchase decadent chocolates, or write heartfelt cards to show their spouse just how much they mean to them. Dinner is a formality where the couples gaze into each other’s eyes longingly. Valentine’s Day is a challenge to show just how good of a husband you are – something my husband doesn’t need to do. The last six plus months have been a reminder that while many other husbands are bringing home cards and flowers today to prove how much they love their wives, my husband has proved his love and devotion more than I could ever imagine.

Since June of 2010 we fought together to keep our heads up and our hearts confident that we will get through this time in our lives together. When other men could have bowed out, Shane has been by my side through surgeries to remove my breasts, weeks of helping me out of bed and to the bathroom, cooking every meal and cleaning the house, emptying blood-filled drain tubes from my chest, driving me to every chemo appointment and oncologist visit, taking notes, asking questions, and being my sidekick each day during my infusions. He has rushed me to the hospital in the middle of the night, held me close when I felt like I couldn’t take anymore, and pushed me to be strong when I needed an extra push. He has listened to me cry about my fears, divulge my insecurities, and simply fall apart. On this day, many men lament about how beautiful their wives are, but my husband has watched me gain 20+ pounds from chemo, lose all of my hair, and transform from the body of a normal 27 year old to someone who is scarred and misshapen without blinking an eye. If there was ever a question as to whether he truly believed the vows “in sickness and in health”, he has proven again and again that he has taken this marriage to heart. I know that much of my strength comes from him.

Today, and every other day of the year, I’m so happy and blessed to know that I’ve found my soul mate. In the midst of some of my darkest times, he has always been there physically and emotionally to support me in just the way I need it. In the happiest times, he is the one who I share them with. He knows my heart better than anyone else in the world because he is the one who holds it.

I love you Shane!! -Heather


  1. Shane and heather I wish you a happy valentines day everyday. Your love and commitment to each other is a beautiful thing to see and watch . You two truely have that love we all long for . Tell me is it mexican food tonight lol.

  2. A BIG V-Day HUG to both of you!!! What a beautiful post Heather. :)

  3. Oh Heather you made your mom cry that was beautiful I am glad that I have a daughter like you and a soninlaw like Shane Wishing you both a very happy Valentine's Day.
    I love you both