Thursday, March 24, 2011


I am happy to say that I'm healing from my burns a little bit everyday. I am able to sleep on my side again and other then the intense itching, I feel like I'm in a good place.
Last Friday I went to the RO's office only to find out that the burns that I had been complaining about to the nurses were actually 3rd degree burns. The RO who I met with is a transfer from OHSU to Salem Hospital. It only took her a couple of moments to diagnose my tender, red, boiled skin as a third degree burn. Thanks. That would have been good to start treating a few weeks ago!! I took some photos of the burns, but I'll spare you the disgust of actually having to see them! Either way, they're better!!

Day before yesterday I started Tamoxifen. I swear the doctors should not put me in change of my own treatment. I keep thinking to myself that I should take 2 pills a day instead of just one. I mean, if one works two has to work better right? I think the only thing keeping me from downing the whole bottle is my fear of side effects. That, and Dr. Luoh would likely be very angry! :-)

In other exciting news, Shane and I picked up a new foster puppy last night. His name is Beegley, but Shane and I are calling him Baigley. We are notorious for changing the names of our foster dogs. Then again, we are notorious for adopting our foster dogs too! :-) I hope his "forever home" comes along soon! Anyway, Baigley was introduced into our pack last night with a bit of a rough start. Although Kennedy is more than willing to play and rough house, Finnegan is not taking to him very quickly. In fact, Finn is playing the "grumpy old man" card.
I don't think Finn was prepared for us to bring another pup in the house - and obviously he doesn't remember what a turd he was as a pup! I guess Shane and I didn't really remember what a turd he was as a pup either, given that we were more than willing to bring a 6 month old into the house. Nothing makes me feel like cancer has slowed me down like puppy energy. Man, we're getting old!!

Anyway, hope everyone is having a wonderful Spring Break! Sending out love and hugs to our friends and family!

Heather & Shane

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