Thursday, October 13, 2011


Today started out bright and early for us with a trip to OHSU. We met with Dr. Thaker, my plastic surgeon and she checked my incisions and gave me the thumbs up. We looked at some of original pictures that were taken before my mastectomy. I can't believe what changes my body has gone through over the past year. We planned a follow up for two months to graft nipples and consider any revisions once everything has settled. Right now I can already see revisions that I think need to be made, but I understand that it is likely the implants will settle and things will begin to look more natural. One thing that I'm excited about is being able to hug people without "violating" them with my rock hard expanders! Yay for squishy hugs!!

My second appointment was with the Oncology department to discuss my clinical trial. We went over all of the paperwork, discussed potential side effects, and finalized my start date for the trial: October 25th. We won't know if I have the actual drug until the side effects kick in. Since 90+% of the people on the drug have the side effects, its a pretty sure fire indicator that you don't have the placebo. Shane and I are keeping our fingers crossed that I get the drug.

My third appointment was an EKG/ECO for the study...which was surprisingly painful. One of the two tests involved an ultrasound wand jammed into my chest. While I know the tech had no way of knowing that I just had surgery on the 30th, I was still hoping she would be a little more gentle. I'm just hoping that the results come back good. Sounds like I'll become pretty familiar with this process once I get into the clinical trial a little further.

Another awesome thing happened today: I was able to get my final graduation evaluation. Guess what? I'm totally done with my classes!! I just have to write and present my project and finish 150ish hours of practicum time. I sent through my application for Spring 2011 graduation. I can't wait to hold my Master's Degree in my hand! It feels good to be moving toward finishing my degree and moving on from the cancer cloud. Even though I finished some of my courses while going through chemo, I felt as though I completely dropped the ball on my education since I was diagnosed. I'm so happy that I can finally look forward to my hard work paying off.

Life seems to be getting back to our new normal and we are happy to be living it together.

We'll keep everyone filled in as we get started with the trial. Please keep your fingers crossed and prayers going up that the bottle they choose to hand us is filled with the drug and not a placebo.

Hugs and love,
Heather & Shane


  1. Heather, I had a stress echocardiogram at OHSU end of September and I hurt where they jammed that wand into me for days! And I hadn't just had surgery in that area. I definitely sympathize. Hope you stop hurting soon. Cheryl Z

  2. Heather and Shane

    This is so awsome to hear! I am so proud of both of you. Your strength is amazing. Heather I ran in to your cute little mom the other day at wal-mart, I gave her a hug from me to you. It was so nice to see her I havent seen her in atleast 7yrs... Congratulations on your Masters degree! Nnow with all of your knowledge, and education you have a long road ahead of you! luv always Panda Bear

  3. Heather,
    I am so glad that everything is working out for you.
    And I am so very proud of what you become and what you have accomplished.
    You are my proud and joy.
    Love you so much mom

  4. Heather! So excited for you and all of the great news that you shared in this post. Congratulations on almost being done with your degree. Big (soon to be squishy) hug from me!