Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Warning: This post contains too much information.

I can’t believe that I’m praying for diarrhea. But I am. I started my clinical trial yesterday morning. Six oblong salmon-colored pills at 11am. Nothing. Six more pills at 7:00am this morning. Nothing. Every gurgle after a meal is hope that I might get diarrhea.

90% of people who get the actual drug experience Diarrhea. Explosive, uncontrollable, diarrhea. Basically, if you don’t you can be 90% certain you didn’t get the trial drug. Not having the trial drug means a year of tests and follow-up for nothing. The only time a person wishes for explosive
diarrhea is when they have cancer. Please pray, wish, hope, chant (whatever you do) for diarrhea.

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